Secret Santa Gift Giving Guide

Hey, I’m Matt, a/k/a umrguy42, and this is my TAY Secret Santa Gift Guide. I’m terrible at this “describe yourself” stuff, so, bear with me.

I’m a Playstation kinda guy, with a PS2, PS3, and PS4, although now I mainly spend my time on the 4.


I’ve got a variety of interests, including, but not limited too:

- Star Wars
- Doctor Who (I got cool clock with the first 12 Doctors from Aikage the other year!)
- Anime: Fate, Working!!, SAO, Kill la Kill, K-On! especially
- Weiss Schwarz cards (English text only)

I’d be interested in small figures (got a couple K-On! ones last year, Ritsu and Mio as Romeo & Juliet), plushies, etc - preferably SFW, though :) (I typically already have dvds/blu-rays so don’t worry about that unless it’s on my Amazon list, setting aside the cost ;D)

I’m an XL tshirt size. I don’t really need a lot of them, as I’ve still got a ton that I barely wear (although something long-sleeved would be good), but, y’know, there it is.


I’ve prepared a “Secret Santa” Amazon list below, to try and help out with some ideas.

Amazon Wishlist: 

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